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Origin of The Project

I wanted to build a greenhouse in which I could stand up, but without damaging the landscape with a plastic tunnel. I only had short pieces of wood (690 mm) recycled from scrap pallets. How does one build a big structure with short pieces?

Although it uses more materials than a classical structure, the geodesic solution was chosen based on this limitation.

2V and 3V Structures

For a garden greenhouse, a 2V or 3V structure is good enough. For a given length of strut, 3V structure allows a bigger and stronger construction, but it requires far more materials and work than a 2V, 65 struts for a 2V-half-dome against 165 struts for a 3V.

2V Structure
3V Structure

The Prototype

Since I could not evaluate the strength of the structure, nor the precision required, I started with a small 2V-structure model.

Small geodesic dome
Prototype of 2V Geodesic Dome

The Greenhouse

2V or 3V topology?

City's regulations on construction permits not being applicable to building surface smaller than 5 m², 2V topology appeared good enough. I only raised the half-dome to get more height without increasing the surface.

Drawing of raised half-dome
Raised Geodesic Dome


Geodesic dome under construction
Greenhouse under Construction
Finished structure
Finished Wood Structure
Finished greenhouse
Finished Greenhouse