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Stands for Graphic Tablets and E-readers

Plastic or metal stands exist and are more durable than electronic devices themselves. Isn't the lifetime of cardboard stands, weaker and probably less durable, more adapted to quickly obsolete products?

Glueless Single-Wall Cardboard Stand

This single-wall corrugated cardboard only requires cutting and bending, no glue necessary. It can be taken apart and flattend to be put away.

Glueless stand Glueless stand with tablet

Multi-Layer Crossed Corrugated Cardboard Stand

Several layers are glued together. To achieve higher rigidity, the flute of a layer is perpendicular to the one of next layer. This stand can be taken apart and put away flat.

Taken apart multi-layer stand Assembled multi-layer stand Multi-layer stand with tablet

One-Piece Multi-Layer Stand

Even more layers are glued together to support the weight of the tablet. This stand can be stored flat. The advantage compared to the others is that the angle between the screen and the table can be adjusted.

Comparaison between 3 stands One-piece stand

Rib Stand

This non-corrugated cardboard stand gives priority to esthetics over simplicity.

drawing cutting a rib with e-reader seen from the back pentagon

Pipe Stand

This ultra-light PVC stand is designed for travelling by train or plane.

support tubulaire arrière support tubulaire latéral